About Us


Truck Lagbe network is the first and the largest online platform in Bangladesh. In this truck rental service you can hire trucks, pickups or covered vans via app in minutes.


Vehicle of all size and shapes are available through out the country for hire. Starting from a 1Ton 7 feet Tata Ace to a DAF 40feet Trailer Truck, our vehicles are ready to serve you. Thousands vehicles have registered in our network from all over the country.  All our vehicles are verified. So your goods are in safe hands. Moreover, you will have access to the location* of your hired vehicle through Truck Lagbe from the moment of hire till the end of the shipment.


Our journey was not easy. We started with only 25 vehicles back in July 2017. But our vision was clear. We wanted to create an open and transparent platform for shippers and owners/operators where they can find each other without the interference of anyone else. Within a span of less than a year, Truck Lagbe has created the largest and the fastest growing online truck booking platform in the country.


Our focus this year is to create a one stop single action solution for shippers. Just one tap  is all that shipper needs to do to find a truck. We aim to make truck booking more accessible to everyone for their business or personal need. This is a highly volatile market where prices changes every hour. We aim to make use of technology to better predict and support shippers to book trucks in the best possible price.


Trucking industry in Bangladesh is a heavily fragmented one. Each fragment has it’s own unique set of difficulties. We aim to solve the need of each fragment through the use of unique homebuilt technologies and modelling.


All our shippers put their trust in Truck Lagbe Platform and hire truck everyday for their business and personal needs. Join us now and see the ease of hiring a truck through the app.